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This is an introduction to the life sketch of Robert Wakefield.

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Life Sketch of Robert Wakefield

Much detail is lacking as to the exact birth, marriage and death dates for Robert Wakefield, first son of Thomas and Elizabeth Morton Wakefield. Records have been cited as to the parents living in Dublin Township, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, at the time given for his birth. Since their second son, James, was born 25 April 1787, probably in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, we would assume that Robert was born there also. The date seems to have been about 1785 even though his parents were married in 1779. When Robert was about 15, or in 1800, his father, with his young family, located about three miles from Armagh, a small Irish Village. At a later date he moved farther west (probably on Black Lick Creek), Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and undertook the cultivation of 70 acres of land.

Robert married Mary Wakefield (his aunt) in about 1806, in Brush Valley, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.

Four children were added to this family:

James Wakefield was born, 15 Apr 1808, in Brush Valley, Indiana, Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Wakefield was born, 29 Apr 1809, in Brush Valley, Indiana, Pennsyvlania
Thomas Wakefield was born, 19 Nov 1810, in Brush Valley, Indiana, Pennsylvania
John Fleming Wakefield was born, 15 Nov 1812, in Brush Valley, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Robert died 11 May 1864 in Brush Valley, Indiana, Pennsylvania